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We create experiences that breathe life into your brand and enhance company culture

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It's crucial to keep brands engaging and interacting with their communities

Virtual Reality Game

Our global team of pioneering designers, graphic artists and 2D & 3D illustrators are some of the most expressive and innovative in the field

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We have over forty years of combined experience on and off stage


Do you need help separating your product from the rest? Identifying and aligning with your objectives and talking to your audience?

   Team ROTH   

Claire Roth

Claire Roth

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Roman Roth

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We feel this ever changing landscape brings opportunity not restriction. This is the time to connect brands to their people, more than ever it is time to inspire, to encourage imagination and to bring hope. We feel so passionately about this and are excited to build brands with our clients in innovate, authentic and meaningful ways. We all know that the key to outstanding events is not only the great idea that everyone else wishes they’d had, it’s having the team to pull it off, exceptionally, every time.
For over twenty years Claire Roth has been designing, creating and delivering live global strategies and events for clients from the likes of HSBC bank, Tiffany, Mubadala (Ferrari) and many more. Her degree and training as a mechanical engineer provides a strong scientific foundation that her event creativity is built upon. In a parallel life, her husband Roman has been creating live musical experiences all over the globe. As a world class drummer for the British band Simply Red, a producer and musical director he particularly enjoys the agency and production side of the business. This formidable duo bring a wealth of experience and passion, innovation and imagination to the live events scene. 





Roth Events GmbH

Bata-Park 4

4313 Möhlin


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