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ECP – Environment & Community Protocol: At ROTH Events we love our planet and always integrate sustainable event practices with our clients. Our events are always meaningful and we strive to create positive impact to both the local community and the wider environment.



We uphold that values of the United Nations guidelines for sustainable events (published In April 2023), The Guide consists of integral text providing general information on sustainability, key principles and criteria for sustainable event planning and organisation, along with practical examples and tips. In this guideline, a sustainable or green event is defined as "one designed, organised, and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and all involved".



  • ​Waste management and reducing carbon emissions.

  • We always consider the general  conservation of resources (water, energy, and natural resources) and we also are careful to monitor our supply chain management and  responsible purchasing; and preservation of  biodiversity.


This takes good planning and genuine passion to deliver sustainable events. We love this challenge at ROTH Events and work with pioneering suppliers and partners, from hydrogen generators to compost toilets and solar powered lighting rigs. We are full committed to the green event revolution.


ECP protocols include:


  1. We select venues with sustainability certification (e.g. in Switzerland: IACC Green Star certification, LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, and the BOMA BEST Building Environmental Standards.)

  2. We always consider the location and its proximity to public transport and encourage our guests to walk, car pool and to use public transport.

  3. We plan our event food resourcefully, ensuring minimal waste and always seasonal, while supporting local growers and businesses. We stay away from chemically treated food, whole grown organic is always our aim. Less travel, less chemicals and of course less meat and dairy to have less over all impact on the planet.

  4. Waste is always an issue so we plan with the 3R’s in mind at all times, reduce, recycle and reuse. Even the smallest detail is considered. Our event merchandise is carefully sourced, if we have any left overs we consider what charity or food bank can we collaborate with to make waste as low as possible? We never use single use plastic and encourage reusable cups, which all contributes to a new green event culture. Together, we can enjoy positive experiences that are positive for our planet and communities, too.

  5. In the planning, we minimalise our travel, site visits and use digital communications instead of printing when possible and we enjoy this modern, sustainable way of working. We also collaborate with local teams in our global locations, making sure we always “Think Global, act Local”.

  6. We offer the option of Hybrid events to reduce international travel and allow larger global event impact with lower carbon impact per guest.


By embracing all these practices and always evolving with new technology, we can significantly decrease our events environmental impact while promoting a culture of sustainability. It's great to tell attendees about ECP, so they know they are attending an event with sustainability at its core.


Together we can help slow the rate of climate acceleration and help protect our planet. Please follow this link to learn more about the UN Paris accord.


Feel free to contact us to find out more about global Earth positive events and how we can support you to support our planet at

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